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Released on 5/May/2023

Taipei Dangdai 2023: 5 Directors Preview Their Booths

The gallery specialises in artists from the Asian diaspora living in Europe and the U.S. I have studied in depth the first generation of Taiwanese artists, who are considered pioneers of Chinese abstraction, such as Chuang Che and Fong Chung-Ray.

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by : Jongmin Lee

see : Yonhap News

Released on May/4/2023

Art Busan 2023

For its first participation in Art Busan, Galerie Vazieux is pleased to present a group show dedicated to established and emerging Korean and European artists : Lee Ung-no, Young-se Lee, Ahryun Lee, Kim Cheonae, Fadia Hadad and Constanze Deutsch.

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by : Sehoi Park

see : Esquire Korea

Released on may/5/2023

Art Busan 2023 : Esquire Korea

Galerie Vazieux is pleased to present a group show dedicated to established and emerging Korean and European artists: Lee Ung-no, Young-se Lee, Ahryun Lee, Kim Cheonae, Fadia Hadad and Constanze Deutsch. Lee Ung-no (1904-1989) is one of the most prominent Asian painters of the twentieth century who played a pioneering role in the foundation of contemporary Korean art. Unseen, these artworks have been selected by the gallery and the artist’s family and come from the family estate.

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see : La Gazette Drouot

May 2023

Stanley William Hayter : La Gazette Drouot

Stanley William Hayter, born in London at the dawn of the twentieth century, was one of the leading exponents of British surrealism.
Hayter was one of the main representatives of British surrealism. He settled in Paris and then moved away from figuration, prefiguring abstract expressionism.
Proposed by the curator Agnès
Thiébault, an exhibition presents some twenty of his paintings at the Vazieux gallery, which is organizing a conference on the artist on May 11 at 6 pm.

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by Julie Chaizemartin

see: Le Quotidien de l’art

Edition n° 2578, March.2023


Sarah Jérôme at Drawing Now

Despite a day of strike and burning garbage cans, smiles were in the air in the aisles of Drawing Now, which declared 18,000 visitors for this 16th edition, almost regaining its pre-Covid attendance, helped by its usual spring dates and benefiting from the visit of the Minister of Culture Rima Abdul Malak. It was also the first time for the young Dupin gallery, which opened last July in Saint-Méloir-des-Ondes near Cancale and which had its first fair there, delighted to meet the Parisian players in the art world, or for the Vazieux gallery with a solo show of oils on tracing paper by Sarah Jérôme, or for the Binome gallery, which came to take up the challenge of showing Corinne Mercadier, an artist on the border between drawing and photography.

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by Guy Boyer

see : Connaissance des arts

March 2023

Sarah Jérôme at Drawing Now

The galleries participating in Drawing Now come from all over the world, from Geneva (Analix Forever) to Oakland (Creative Growth), from Copenhagen (Formation Gallery) to Bologna (Studio G7) and 30% of them are participating for the first time. The origin of the creators is even more international since the galleries represent many foreign artists. Nearly half of the artists exhibited this year are women artists such as Sarah Jérôme at Sabine Vazieux or Cyrielle Gulacsy at Anne-Sarah Bénichou.

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by Cathy Huang

See: Vogue Hongkong

March 2023

Chuang Che at Art basel Hongkong

Chuang Che, a great pioneer of Chinese abstraction, mixes in his abstract landscapes, bright colors, turbulence of forms, transparency and material effects. From this improbable chaos emerges a perfect harmony, full of joy and melancholy, from which emanates a limitless freedom.

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by Marie Maertens

voir : Connaissance des arts

March 2023

Park In-kyung

At 97, Park In-kyung presents her first solo show at the Vazieux gallery, with around twenty inks on paper, which the Korean-born artist still produces daily.

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by Bénédicte Philippe

see : Télérama

Released on February/14 /2023

Park In-kyung

Born in 1926 in Seoul, Park In-kyung is today the oldest Korean artist living in France. She embodies the pioneering spirit of the compatriots of her generation.

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by Laurent Quénéhen

See: ArtPress

Issue #506, January 2023

Chuang Che

From his exposure to international art, Chuang Che created what he calls a “third way”. He materializes it by mixing oil, water and sometimes acrylic, which produces transparency effects.

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by Bénédicte Philippe

See: Télérama

November 2022

Chuang Che

The “Chaotic Harmony” exhibition brings together around twenty artworks produced from the 1960s
to the present day. It reflects the singular energy that emanates from the abstract landscapes of
Chuang Che, and his aesthetic research on the fusion between East and West.

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by Elaine YJ Zheng


October 2022

Chuang Che

Like Zao Wou-Ki and Chu Teh-Chun, Chuang Che renewed traditional Chinese painting by adopting
abstraction from the end of the 1960s. He is considered to be one of the greatest painters of his generation.

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by Rachel Bae

See: SayArt

September 2022


Galerie Vazieux is presenting a unique exhibition at Kiaf SEOUL, ‘The Three Lees, A Korean Saga’. The booth of Galerie Vazieux is surrounded by the works of artist couple Lee Ung-noand Park In-kyung, and their son, Young-sé Lee, who is also an artist.

by Richard Leydier

See : Art Press

June 2022

Sarah Jérôme


by Barbara Tissier

See: Art tension

Special Edition #32, April 2022

Galleries Guide 6th Edition

by Claire Margat

See : Art Press

Issue #494, December 2021

Rao Fu

by Stephanie Dulout

See: L’Éventail

September 2021

Young-sé Lee

Article(Fr) by Ludovic Duhamel

View(Fr) : Miroir de l’art

Edition n°110, June 2021

Gaël Davrinche Une rétrospective envoûtante

Article(Fr) by Amélie Adamo

View(Fr) : L’ŒIL

Edition n°744, June 2021

Gaël Davrinche

Article (Fr) by Laetitia Bischoff

Magazine TK-21

Edition n°118, May 2021

Pour que la peinture ne sèche jamais

Gaël s’attèle aux icônes, il retravaille leurs mèches et leurs postures, leurs railleries, les gueules aussi. Il ferme les yeux pour se souvenir de Van Gogh ; oui le creux de ses yeux était si noir, ce ne peut être que lui avec un vent de cyprès pour chemise. Pour que la peinture ne sèche jamais, elle boit des visages, elle s’en fait un bain de bouche. Faire crier les profils, faire choir les trous de nez, couler les yeux jusqu’au-dessous des joues. Les cheveux et les globes oculaires guerroient avec le prisme d’un fond coulant ou braillant du vert en tempête. Colorer, raviver, vivre.

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Article (Fr) by Anne-Cécile Sanchez

View (Fr) : Le Journal des Arts

Edition n°568, May 2021

Gaël Davrinche Face au portrait

Exhibition review (Fr) by Claire Margat

Released on May 14th, 2021


Olivier Kaeppellin a choisi pour l’exposition “Faire face” des portraits parmi les tableaux de Gaël Davrinche, né en 1971, qui se voit ainsi gratifié pour son demi-siècle d’une exposition et d’un catalogue dont le texte ne peut que l’encourager à persévérer dans son être.

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Article (Fr) by Sophie Reyssat

Magazine BOUM!BANG!

Released on May 3th, 2021

L’homme aux mille visages

Gaël Davrinche est un aventurier de la figure humaine qui joue avec ses modèles comme avec la peinture elle-même. Au-delà des apparences, ses portraits interrogent notre humanité et posent un regard décalé sur notre société. 

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Exhibition review by Laurent Quénéhen

View (Fr) : Artpress

Edition N°488, May 2021, p.81

Gaël Davrinche, “Faire Face”

Solo Show from May 15 to June 19, 2021 at the Gallery Vazieux

Article by Yu Hsiaohwei

View (Ch) : Cans Asia Art News

Art Magazine Taiwan – edition N°195, April 2021, pp.92-95

Recent acquisition by the Centre Pompidou of works by Chuang Che (b.1934) and Fong Chung-Ray (b.1933)

Interview with Catherine David, curator at the Centre Pompidou