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Richard Lin


Born in Taiwan and from an illustrious family, Richard Lin moved to Hong Kong in 1949. Three years later he went to study in England. In 1959 he had his first solo exhibition at “Gimpel Fils Gallery” in London. It was exhibited in 1966 at the Marlborough Gallery in London. Joan Mirò, who has great admiration for him, comes to visit him in his London studio, he will say “In the world of white, Lin is without equal” In 1967, Richard Lin exhibits at the 44th Pittsburgh “International Carnage”, together with Chu Teh-Chun, Chuang Che, Hu Chi-Chung, Wallace Ting and Zao Wou-Ki. He receives the award and enters the collection of the Carnagia Institute. Richard Lin returned to Taiwan in 2002. A major retrospective of his work takes place at the Kaohsiung Museum in Taiwan in 2010.


Personal exhibitions

2010 – Fine arts Museum of Kaohsiung, Kaohsiung, Taïwan
2009 – XXgallery, Taipei, Taïwan
1995 – Home Gallery, Taipei, Taïwan
1984 – Spring Gallery, Taipei, Taïwan
1982 – Lung Men Gallery, Taipei, Taïwan
1979 – Der Spiegel Gallery, Cologne, Germany
1975 – Marlborough Fine Art, London, UK
1974 – Marlborough Fine Art, London,UK
1972 – Loehr Gallery, Francfort, Germany
1971 – Withofs Gallery, Brussels, Belgium
– Teufel Gallery, Koblenz & Koln, Germany
1970 – Marlborough New London Gallery, London, UK
1969 – Semiha Huber Gallery, Zurich, Suisse
1968 – Marlborough Gallery, Roma, Italia
1966 – Marlborough New London Gallery, London, UK
1964 – Gimpel Sons, London, UK
1963 – Royal Gallery Marks, New York, USA
– Architectural Association, London, UK
1961 – Gimpel Sons, London, UK
1960 – Stone Gallery, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK
1959 – Gimpel Sons, London, UK
1958 – Contemporary Art Institute, London, UK

Public exhibitions

Fine Arts Museum of Taipei, Taipei, Taïwan
Tate Gallery, London, UK
National Museum of Modern Art, Roma, Italia
São Paulo Museum, São Paulo, Brazil

Ontario Art Museum, Toronto, Canada
Walker Art Center, Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

Selected works