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Fong Chung-Ray


An abstract artist since the 1960s, Fong Chung-Ray is considered to be one of the major Chinese avant-garde artists. Initially, his work focused on abstract landscapes, but he gradually moved away from this movement when he turned to Buddhist spirituality. By going beyond the formal representation of nature, Fong Chung-Ray has revived the spiritual essence that emanates from the paintings by the great old masters and invites the viewer to contemplate.

Born in 1934 in China, Fong Chung-Ray was obliged to leave his family at a very young age and go into exile, due to the Chinese Civil War. The worsening political situation obliged him to leave China and he moved to Taiwan in 1949. His passion for art and inquiring mind led him to take an interest in Western art, which he discovered through reading journals and books in the American Library in Taipei.

In 1957, he founded the Four Seas Artists Association. During this period, he experimented with abstraction and used new Western techniques, such as painting with oils on canvas. In 1961, he became a member of the Wuyue Group (Fifth Moon Group) and participated in many exhibitions.

In 1971, he was awarded a Rockefeller Foundation grant that enabled him to travel to Europe and the United States.

When he settled in San Francisco, in 1975, he began to work with acrylic paints.

Personal exhibitions

2019 – Fong Chung-Ray. Wakes of time, Vazieux Art Gallery, Paris, France

2018 – Hong Kong Art Week 2018, Galerie du Monde, Hong Kong

-Fong Chung-Ray – Enlightenment: 199 8-2018, Galerie du Monde, Hong-Kong

2017 – The Eternal Abstract : Fong Chung-Ray solo exhibition,, Asia Art Center, Taipei

2015 – Fong Chung-Ray – A Retrospective, Galerie du Monde, Hong-Kong

2014 – Fong Chung-Ray – Between Modern and Contemporary, Chinese Cultural Foundation

– Solo Exhibition, Modern Art Gallery, Taiwan

2011 – Solo Exhibition, Modern Art Gallery, Taiwan

2008 – Fong Chung-Ray, Recent paintings, 1997-2008, Modern Art Gallery, Taiwan

2004 – Solo Exhibition, Triangle Gallery, San Francisco

1997 – Beyond abstract, On The Rim, Gallery San Francisco

1992 – Solo Exhibition, Allrich Gallery, San Francisco

1990 – Solo Exhibition, Art Modern Gallery, Carmel, Californie

1987 – Solo Exhibition, Landell Gallery, Carmel, Californie

1983 – Solo Exhibition, New World Gallery, Carmel, Californie

1979-83-86 – Solo Exhibition, M.M Shinno Gallery, Los Angeles

1978-82 Solo – Exhibition, Triangle Gallery, San Francisco

1975 – Solo Exhibition, Bank of America World Headquarters Gallery, San Francisco

1974 – Solo Exhibition, National Museum of History, Taipei

1973 – Solo Exhibition, Marianne Schreibern Gallery, Munich, Germany

– Solo Exhibition, Fine Arts Commissions, Scottsdale, Arizona

1972 – Solo Exhibition, Downtown Gallery, Honolulu

– Solo Exhibition, Lee Nordness Gallery, New-York

– Solo Exhibition, San Diego Museum, California

1971 – John D. Rockefeller III Fondation’s award

1970 – Solo Exhibition, Yu Fong, Gallery San Francisco

1968 – Solo Exhibition, Magic Touch Gallery , Taipei

1967 – Solo Exhibition, Hai-Tien Art Gallery, Taipei

1965 – Solo Exhibition, The National Taiwan Art Museum, Taipei

1964 – Solo Exhibition, National Taiwan Art Center, Taipei






Public exhibitions

– National Gallery of Art and Museum of History, Taipei

– National Taiwan Arts Center, Taipei

– National Taiwan Museum of Fine Art, Taichung, Taiwan

– M.H. De Young Memorial Museum, San Francisco

– Asian Art Museum, San Francisco California

– The Denver Art Museum, Denver, Colorado

– Hawaii Cultural Foundation, Honolulu, Hawaii

Baltimore Museum of Art, Baltimore, Maryland

– San Diego Fine Arts Gallery, San Diego California

– Kaohsiung Art Museum, Kaohsiung, Taiwan

– The university of Kansas Museum of Art, Lawrence, Kansas

– Arthur M. Sackler Museum, Harvard University, Boston, Massachusetts

– Taipei Fine Arts Museum, Taipei, Taiwan

– Guangdong Museum of Art, Guangzhou, China

– Shenzhen Fine Art Research Institute, Shenzhen, China

Selected works
Interview of Fong Chung-Ray