Group Show

26-29 March 2015

China : Pioneers of Abstraction (1955-1970)

Art Paris Art Fair 2015

Often summed up as a few key artists, Chinese painting is still not well known in the West… On the occasion of ART PARIS ART FAIR, Sabine Vazieux Gallery, a specialist in modern Chinese painting, presents this year an original exhibition dedicated to the first Chinese abstract avant-garde.

For the first time, abstract Chinese artists, contemporaries of Zao Wou-Ki and Chu Teh-Chun, will be presented in Europe. As the Chinese art market panics, as Asian museums, in search of history, look back on their past, these pioneering artists are making their mark on China’s historical and artistic heritage.

The exhibition traces the origins and evolution of the paths of Chinese abstract painting. About thirty works by the most avant-garde Chinese artists are presented.

At the end of the 1940s, due to successive wars, many Chinese left the continent to seek refuge in Hong Kong or Taiwan. In this new world that is opening up to them, artists are gradually discovering the abstract art of the schools of New York and Paris, shattering their minds and revolutionizing their art.

From this rupture with tradition, which raises the issue of East-West duality, artists create a new form of abstraction without equivalence.



– CHUANG CHE (1934)

– HSIAO CHIN (1935)

– HU CHI-CHUNG (1927-2012)

– JOHN WAY (1921-2012)


– RICHARD LIN (1933-2011)

Selected works