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Youjin Yi


Youjin Yi’s (이유진) metaphorical art evokes the themes of solitude, exile, fate, and the beauty of the world. It retraces the distant memories of a forgotten country in which nature is peopled with animals and mysterious figures.

The solitary man walking through a landscape is one of the recurrent themes of her works. This mysterious figure, shaped like a mountain, is represented with its face removed or hidden by its hands, inviting the viewer to interpret it in many ways.

The lightness of her touch and the themes addressed are suggestive rather than imposing and they transport the viewer into a dreamlike world in which visual potency is combined with poetry.

Youjin Yi spent her childhood in Korea, where she lived a simple life in the countryside; she was by no means predestined to become an artist, but as a child she started drawing the vegetables her parents sold in their shop.

In 2004, after studying art in Seoul, she moved to Germany, where she pursued her art training, working with Leiko Ikemura in Berlin and Günter Förg in Munich, where she eventually decided to settle.

From April 2021 to March 2022, Youjin Yi benefits the Working Grant Stiftung Kunstfonds .



Personal exhibitions

2024 “Unprompted”, KORNFELD gallery, Berlin, Germany

2022  “Twisted”, Galerie Vazieux on Artsy (online)

           “Figments”, Britta Rettberg Gallery, München, Germany

2021   Solo Show, Art Basel Hongkong, Hong Kong

            “Junction” WOOSON GALLERY Daegu, South Korea

            “Organic Symmetry” Lemoyne Project, Zurich, Swiss

2020   Artothek und Bildersaal München, Munich, Germany

            Yi.05, Galerie Britta von Rettberg, Munich, Germany

2018   Unter Bewusstsein,Tanja Pol Galerie, Munich, Germany

2014   Tanja Pol Galerie, Munich, Germany

2013   Tanja Pol Galerie, Munich, Germany

2012   Abstrakt, Galerie Kunsthaus, Starnberg, Germany

Groups exhibitions

2024 “Spring Show”, Galerie Vazieux, Paris, France

Taipei Dangdai with Galerie Vazieux, Taipei, Taiwan

Art Basel Hong Kong with Wooson gallery, Hong Kong

2023 “One Week Show”, Galerie Vazieux, Paris, France

Asia Now Art Fair with Kornfeld Gallery, Paris, France

“Body Language”, Kornfeld Gallery, Berlin, Germany

The Armory Show with Wooson Gallery, New York, USA

Drawing Now with Wooson Gallery, Paris, France

2022 Frieze Seoul & Kiaf Seoul with Wooson Gallery, Seoul, South Korea

2021   “Element”, Galerie Vazieux, Paris, France

             Summer show(New works / Editions), Galerie Britta Rettberg, Munich, Germany

             “SOMEWHERE IN BETWEEN?” in Rathausgalerie Kunsthalle, Munich, Germany

2020   WIDERSTAND, BLICK FANG 2020, Sommerexhibition in Kunsthaus, Kaufbeuren, Germany

2019   “Papierarbeiten” Youjin Yi, Philipp Messner, Leonhard Hurzlmeier und Hansjoerg Dobliar, Galerie Britta Rettenberg, Munich, Germany

2018   Schiffe setzten über,Galerie der Künstler, BBK, Munich, Germany

            OCCURENCE-Part 3, ein Kunstprojekt von Stephanie Maier, Kulturwerkstatt HAUS 10,

Fürstenfeldbruck, Germany

2017   Jahregaben,Kunstverein München, Munich, Germany

2016   Jahregaben,Kunstverein München, Munich, Germany

            FRISCHLUFT TANKEN im BERLINERBODEN SCHLUFT, Schorfheide, Germany

            After Realism,GiG MUNICH,Galerie im Gartenhaus, Munich, Germany

           OCCURENCE-Part2,ein Kunstprojekt von Stephanie Maier im Kösk, Germany

2015   Jahregaben,Kunstverein München, Munich, Germany

            OCCURENCE-Part1,ein Kunstprojekt von Stephanie Maier in der Färberei, Germany

            ONGGI,A Space for a Week in Cologne,Tanja pol Galerie c/oStudio, Germany

            Wolfgang Burat, Cologne, Germany

            Weltraum, Munich, Germany

2014   Jahregaben,Kunstverein München, Munich, Germany

            Die ersten Jahre der Professionalität, Galerie der Künstler, BBK, Munich, Germany

2013   Jahregaben,Kunstverein München, Munich, Germany

            My mind keeps wandering – Kunst aus München in Biesenthal, Wehrmühle

            Biesenthal, Biesenthal, Germany

            Die ersten Jahre der Professionalität, Galerie der Künstler, BBK, Munich, Germany

2011   Hintergründe, Galerie der Moderne, Munich, Germany

           Ereignis Druckgraphik 2, Internationale Druckgraphikausstellung, Leipziger Buchmesse, Germany

2010   Dialogos, Fundacion Ludwig de Cuba, Catedra Humboldt, Casa Monumento Salvador Allende, Havane, Cuba

2009   Neuer Kunstverein, Regensburg, Germany

2008   Weltraum, Munich, Germany

2007   tavola calda, Kunstverein Heilbronn, Heilbronn, Germany

            Bilder um ein Märchen, Kunstarkaden München, Munich, Germany

Selected works