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Rao Fu

( b.1978, Beijing)

Rao Fu (傅饶) left China at the age of twenty-three to live in Germany, where he studied painting and graphics at the Dresden Academy of Fine Arts.

During his visits to German museums he discovered the paintings of the old masters, whose influence is present throughout his works. Fiacres, horses, and period costumes are all allusions to a lost world that he transposes in another temporality.

Although less evident at first sight, traditional Chinese painting is also an underlying feature of his works, both from a technical and philosophical perspective.

Rao Fu is particularly interested in landscapes, which he likes to represent in all their potency and immensity. Using double or triple perspective, he augments the landscape’s grandeur and includes several visual fields in the same picture, creating a captivating immersive effect for the viewer.

The ghostlike and almost transparent figures that people his large landscapes merge into an environment, which becomes the mirror of their emotions and those of the painter. According to Rao Fu, his landscapes reflect his inner world but can also be freely interpreted.

In his narrative and mysterious world, eras and Eastern and Western cultures coexist and are naturally combined. He attempts to render the essence and pure expression of man, to create a universal art that transcends cultural diversities.


Shortly after graduating from Academy of Fine Arts Dresden in 2014, Rao Fu is awarded the Heinrich-Böll-Fondation Artist Fellowship. In the same year, his solo exhibition is held at Kunstverein Junge Kunst under the auspices of Volkswagen in Wolfsburg, and his first book, “Rao Fu- Follow Wind”, is published by the German publisher Kerber Verlag. In 2016, Rao Fu has a solo exhibition at Dresden City Museum which acquires his work “Mirage”. Two years later, Rao Fu presents a solo exhibition at the Contemporary Art Museum of Luxembourg, and his painting “Mermaid” is collected by the National Museum of History and Art (MNHA). In 2019, his solo exhibition “Infinitrace ” is held at the Guandu Museum of Art in collaboration with the Mind Set Art Center in Taipei, where he presents two large triptychs of over 4 meters. Rao Fu receives the Saxon State Prize 2020 for Creativity from the Ministry of Culture. In 2021 he presents his “Combustion” bi-city solo exhibition at Galerie Vazieux in Paris, and Shanghai Art 021. The same year, his work is exhibited in the Asian Art Museum of Nice, alongside Asian artists such as Zao Wou-ki and Chu Teh-Chun, as part of the exhibition “Landscapes of the Soul”. Recently, Rao Fu has been featured as one of the most prominent post-70s and post-80s artists in the book “Dissonance-Platform Germany” by Mark Gisbourne and Christoph Tannert.

Personal exhibitions

2023 Flaming Images, Mindset Art Center, Taipei, Taiwan

2023 Art Basel Hong Kong with Mindset Art Center, Hong Kong

2023 Art SG with Galerie Vazieux, Singapore

2022 Dresden, Fergus McCaffrey gallery, New York City, USA

2022 Art Paris Art Fair with Galerie Vazieux, Paris, France

2021 Art 021 with Mindset Art Center, Shanghai, China

2021 Combustion, Galerie Vazieux, Paris, France

2020 In The Rain, EIGENHEIM Berlin, Berlin, Germany

2019 Night fishing, Gallery EIGENHEIM Berlin (salon), Berlin, Germany

2019 Infinitrace, Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts (KdMoFA), Taipei, Taiwan

2018 Paysages Intérieurs, Gallery ARTSCAPE Contemporary S.à,r.I.-S, Luxembourg

2018 CENTURY, Platform China Contemporary Art Institute, Beijing,China

2017 COXCOMB, Galerie Irrgang, Berlin, Germany

2017 Follow Wind, Galerie Heissingsart, Lübeck, Germany

2016 CHIMERICA, Projektraum Neue Galerie, City Art Gallery, Dresden, Germany

2016 OPEN STUDIO, HALLE 14, Baumwollspinnerei Leipzig, Germany

2015 PLANKTON, Gellery Irrgang, Leipzig, Germany

2014 Follow Wind, Kunstverein Junge Kunst, Wolfsburg, Germany

2013 MIRAGE, Gallery Grafikladen, Dresden, Germany

2012 CHIMERICA, Kunstverein Göttingen, Germany

2011 Rao Fu Arbeiten, Kunst bei Gericht, Ständehaus, Dresden,Germany

2010 Chimäre, Gallery Ling, Berlin, Germany

2009 Qi Nian / Sieben Jahre, Gallery Elly Brose Eiermann, Dresden, Germany

Public exhibitions

Public Collections

Das Nationalmuseum für Geschichte und Kunst Luxemburg (MNHA), Luxembourg

Kunstfonds der Staatlichen Kunstsammlungen, Dresden

Kunstmuseum der Stadt Dresden

Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts, Taipei

Groups exhibitions

2023 One Week Show, Galerie Vazieux, Paris, France

2023 Asia Now Art Fair with Kornfeld Galerie, Paris, France

2023 Nocturnal Ballads, Galerie Perrotin, Shanghai, China

2023 Fergus McCaffrey gallery, New York City, USA

2021 Landscape of the Soul, Asian Art Museum, Nice, France

2020 PRISMA, Gallery EIGENHEIM, Berlin, Germany

2020 Renaissance: Marina CRUZ, Rao FU and SHI Jin-Hua, Mind Set Art Center, Taipei, Taiwan

2020 And Life Goes On: The Special Project for MSAC 10th Anniversary II, Mind Set Art Center, Taipei, Taiwan

2020 Janus: ABHK Booth at MSAC, Mind Set Art Center, Taipei, Taiwan

2018 Chaos:Rao FU, JHONG Jiang-Ze, TANG Jo-Hung, Mind Set Art Center, Taipei, Taiwan

2017 1443, Galerie Ursula Walter, Dresden

2015 Das muss mann gesehen haben, 10 Jahren Städtische Galerie Dresden – Erwerbungen und

2015 Schenkungen, City Art Gallery Dresden, Germany

2014 DaDa Ty, Hellerau – Europäisches Zentrum der Künste Dresden

2014 Kooperation, Galerie Ursula Walter, Dresden

2014 Cologne Paper Art, Köln

2013 jetzt hier, Gegenwartskunst. Aus dem kunstfonds, Kunsthalle im Lipsiusbau, Dresden,Germany

2013 Hommage to Asia, Chinesischer Pavillon, Dresden,Germany

2013 HYPE, Geh8, Dresden,Germany

2012 Dresdner Biennale des 20. Kunstfestivals Ornö, Dresden,Germany

2012 Die unsichtbaren Städte, 2025 Kunst und Kultur e.V. Hamburg, Germany

Selected works
Rao Fu