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Li Shuang

As the only woman artist of the Chinese pioneering art group “xing xing” (The Stars), Li Shuang (李爽 b.1957, China) has long been underestimated compared to her peers. The turbulent and frightening political context in China during the 1970s had a huge impact on the artist. Li Shuang’s works are figuratively the mirror of her life-long struggles to the final liberation. 

Since the early stage of her creation, Li Shuang has been refusing orthodox artistic expression in China. In the late 70s, the artist relied on more expressive Western gestures as her alternative voice against the authority imposed on art. Most of her works share the same solitude and the agony of being oppressed. 

In 1983, the artist settled down in France and embarked on a new experiment with collage and oil paintings.
Li’s collage works are inspired by oriental folk culture with delicate decorative patterns and elegant color schemes. In the 1990s, the subject matter of her works turned into a more meditative landscape view, often from the perspective of an open window, with empty chairs in the foreground. The latest period of the artist (since 2000) features the portrait of a typical Chinese female figure of pure spirit and conception. The elegance and serenity conveyed by this figure symbolized the final achievement of self-redemption. 

Personal exhibitions

2018 : “Light Himalaya” One Central Park South, New York, USA
2017 : “True to happiness is a mission of Lorient,” House Seventeen, Luxembourg
2015 : “Visé-L’amour ” Lydie Blondeau Gallery, Singapore
2014 : “Seven-Consciousness of the World” Today Museum, Beijing, China
2014 : “the return” Collage exhibition French Culture Center, Beijing, China
2013 : ” Being ” Calayric triangle, Lyon, France
2010 : “Dream of butterflies” Dialogue Space Gallery, Beijing, China

2009 : Li Shuang Collages, Galerie du Triangle, Lyon, France
2008 : Willem Kerseboom Gallery, Amsterdam, Netherlands (Catalog)
2008 : Dunhuang Art Center, Shanghai, China (Catalog)
2007 :  Galerie du Triangle, Lyon, France
2007 : ” Far From The Madding Crowd “, KwaiFungHin Art Gallery, Hong Kong (Catalog)

2007 : Linda Gallery, Singapour
2007 : Galerie Cathay, Paris, France
2006 : Linda Museum, Beijing, China (Catalog)
2006 : Galerie du Triangle, Lyon, France
2006 : ” Serene Complexity “, Galerie du Monde, Hong Kong (Catalog)
2005 : Galerie du Triangle, Lyon, France

2005 : Galerie De Arte, Nantes, France
2004 : Galerie du Monde, Hong Kong
2004 : Galerie Cathay, Paris, France
2004 : Galerie du Triangle, Lyon, France
2004 : Université de Brest, France (Catalog)
2003 : Galerie De Arte, Nantes, France
2002 : Galerie Leda Fletcher, Geneva, Switzerland (Catalog)

2000 : Galerie Leda Fletcher, Geneva, Switzerland
1995 :  Galerie Bellefroid, Paris, France
1991 :  Saint Aignan, Ex-Prévôté, France
1990 : Municipal Museum, Vervins, France
1989 : Galerie Art et Communication, Paris, France
1987 : Galerie des Clarisses, Charolles, France
1986 : Pontius Galleries, Mountain View, California, USA

1986 : Ingrid Los Altos Gallery, California, USA
1985 : Galerie James Mayor, Paris, France
1985 : Municipal Museum, Epernay, France/ Galerie Lettres ou Palette, Epernay, France
1985 : UNESCO, Paris, Franc
1984 : Galerie J & J. Donguy, Paris, France

Groups exhibitions

2020 : “Gros les étoiles” Centre Pompidou (Conference screen), Paris, France

2019: “1979 the stars” OCAT Museums (Catalog)

2019: “The stream of stories” Gallery Bauxli Beijing, Beijing, China

2019: Frieze Masters London, Boers-Li-Gallery, London, UK

2018:Art Basel Hong Kong , Boers-Li-Gallery, Hong Kong

2017;《The Year of 80 Women》Dragon Museum, Shanghai, France

2016;《Seeing the World Feminine Photo Exhibition, Beijing, China

2016 : Art Yi Bou Shanghai Boers-Li-Gallery, Shanghai, China

2015: “In search of the compass” Morteza Gallery, Paris, France

2014: Aart Basel Hong Kong, Boers-Li-Gallery, Hong Kong

2014: Art central Hong Kong, Lydie Blandeau Gallery, Hong Kong


2013: “Light Dawn Nnoffcial Chinaese Art-1974-1985″ Asia Hong Kong central, Hong Kong

2012 : ” Light Dawn Nnoffcial Chinaese Art-1974-1985 ” Asia Hong Kong central, New York

2010: Haya art exhibition, Guangzhou, China

2009: China 100 years of Arts, Cultural Center of China, Paris, France

2009: Realisme Artfair, Amsterdam, Netherlands

2008: PAN Amsterdam, Netherlands

2008: ArtBeijing2008, Beijing, China

2008: Art Amsterdam 2008, Willem Kerseboom Gallery, Amsterdam, Netherlands

2008: Shanghai Spring Art Salon, Shanghai, China

2008: ARTPARIS 08, Galerie Raymond Dreyfus, Paris, France

2007: PAN Amsterdam, Willem Kerseboom Gallery, Amsterdam, Netherlands

2007: Origin Point–Star Group Retrospective Exhibition, Beijing Today Art Museum, Beijing, China

2007: Galerie du Monde, “In celebration of a new habitat”, Hong Kong

2007: ArtSingapore, Singapore

2007: China International Gallery Exhibition 2007, Beijing, China

2006: ArtBeijing, Beijing, China

2006: ArtSingapore, Singapore

2006: China International Gallery Exposition 2006, Beijing World Trade Centre, Beijing, China

2006 : “China Heat”, Linda Gallery, Jakarta, Indonesia

2006 : Crid’Art, Amneville les Thermes, France

2005 : Galerie du Dauphin, Singapore

2005 : ArtSingapore, Singapore

2005 : From the Forbidden City to Malmaison – China in Rueil, Rueil-Malmaison, France

2005 : Les coups de coeur de la galerie, Cathay Gallery, Paris, France

2005 : REFLECTION, Two artists, Art Beatus Gallery, Vancouver, Canada

2004 : Opera Gallery, Singapore; Miami, USA

2004 : Leda Fletcher Gallery, Geneva, Switzerland

2004 : St’Art, Strasbourg, France

2004 : Festival France-China ” Hors des sentiers battus “, l’espace MK2 bibliothèque, Paris, France

2004 : Galerie du Monde, Hong-Kong

2003: Cathay Gallery, Paris, France

2003 : HAPPINESS (4 artists), Art Beatus Gallery, Vancouver, Canada

2003 : Europ’art, Geneva, Switzerland

2003 : Envie d’art gallery, Paris, France

2003 : Schèmes Gallery, Lille, France

2002 : MIART, Milan, Italy

2002 : Europ’art, Geneva, Switzerland

2002 : Envie d’art Gallery, Paris, France

2001 : SALON DE MARS, Geneva, Switzerland

2000 : THE STARS: TWENTY YEARS, Tokyo Gallery, Tokyo, Japan

2000 : Fletcher Gallery, Geneva, Switzerland

2000 : “1960/2000 La Chine sur papier”, Le Bateau Lavoir, Paris, France

1995 : CHINA, ITINERARY 95, Levallois City Hall; Palais Bénédictine, Fécamp, France.

1995 : VANGUARDIAS CHINAS 15 ANOS, Santa Monica Art Center, Barcelona, Spain

1993 : GRAVURES D’ASIE, Korean Cultural Center, Paris, France

1992 : SALON INTERNATIONAL, MAE, Saint Aignan, France

1989 : THE STARS: 10 YEARS, Hanart Gallery, Hong Kong; Taipei, Taiwan

1989 : TIANANMEN, JUNE FOURTH, Pompidou Center, Paris, France

1989 : L’ATELIER, Servandoni Gallery, Paris, France


1988 : OLYMPIAD OF ART, Seoul, South Korea

LE BOIS GRAVE EN CHINE ET EN OCCIDENT, Centre Culturel de Boulogne Billancourt, France


1987 : CHINESE WOOD ENGRAVING, Pompidou Center, Paris, France

1987: CONTEMPORARY WOOD ENGRAVING, Maison des Métiers d’Art, Marseille, France


1986 : CRITICAL FIGURATION, Vorpal Gallery, San Francisco, USA

1986 : ART EXPO, New York, USA

1986: SEVEN ARTISTS FROM CHINA (Ai Weiwei, Bai Jingzhou, Li Shuang, Ma Desheng, Yan Li, Yuan Yunsheng, Zhang Hongtu) Vorpal Gallery, San Francisco, USA

1986: AVANT-GARDE CHINESE ART, City Gallery, New York, USA

1986: CHINA HAS TALENT, Crossroads of China, Paris, France


1985 : MAIL ART, Caroline Corre Gallery, Paris, France

1984 : ARCO, Madrid, Spain

1984 : SALON D’AUTOMNE, Paris, France

1980 : The STARS, China Art Gallery, Beijing, China

1979 : The STARS, Huafangzhai Gallery, Beijing, China

Selected works