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Chen Ying-Teh

Born in 1940 in Taiwan where he graduated from the University of Fine Arts, Chen Ying-Teh (陳英德) moved to Paris in 1969. There, he started to paint Blue China as a counterpoint to Mao’s Red China, in the midst of a cultural revolution at that time. On his canvas, he portrayed soldiers, builders, workers, families and babies in a blue, mysterious atmosphere, expressing the universality of the human being in his solitude.

The renowned Parisian gallerist Iris Clert, whose gallery became an avant-garde hotspot in the international art scene, exhibited « La Chine Bleue » (Blue China) in 1974/1975 in her Parisian gallery then at the FIAC in 1976, launching the recognition of Chen’s work and its mark in the history of contemporary art. “Chen’s painting comes from the depths of time. His brushwork is directed by heredity. His hieratic, motionless characters emerge from a temporal world to settle in eternity.The burning coldness of his blues as much as his technical perfection provoke a kind of ecstasy” said Iris Clert.

Personal exhibitions

2016 Chen Ying-Teh’s Colorful Paintings Moon, Taichung
Gallery, Taiwan
2009 Blue Moon, Taichung Gallery, Taiwan
2007 La Chine Bleue Période 1971-1978, Galerie 54
Paris, France
2001 House of Taipei City, Taipei, Taiwan
1993 Art et Patrimoine gallery space, Paris, France
1991 Elegance gallery, Taipei, Taiwan
1988 Chen Ying-Teh’s Colorful Paintings – About My Icon Figure Paintings, Galerie Hsiung-Shih, Taipei, Taiwan
1982 Contemporary Art Center, Rouen, France
1976 FIAC with Iris Clert gallery, Paris, France
1975 Stradart by Iris Clert, France
1974 La Chine Bleue, Iris Clert gallery, Paris, France

Groups exhibitions

2012 Art Taipei, Taipei, Taiwan
2007 Sprouted seeds of Taiwanese Art, Taipei National Museum,Taipei, Taiwan
2006 Moon Gallery, Taiwan
2005 Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts,Taipei, Taiwan

2004 Vent de Chine, La Grande Arche de la Défense, Paris, France
2003 Chinese artists in Paris today, Cathay gallery, Paris, France
2002 Shanghai Museum, Shanghai, China
2001 Chunghua County Community Culture Museum, Taiwan
1997 Contemporary Chinese Art, Espace Belleville, Paris, France
1996 Taipei-Paris, Taiwan Cultural Center, Paris, France 1995 Taipei-Paris, Taipei Museum of Modern Art, Taiwan
1990 Couleurs de la vie, Bibliothèque nationale de France, Paris, France
1989 Tian Anmen, Centre Pompidou, Paris, France 1988 Homage to Iris Clert, Grand Palais, Paris, France 1987 Alain Blondel gallery, Paris, France
1986 A retrospective exhibition of Contemporary Chinese Art, Taipei Museum, Taiwan
1981 Fonds national d’art contemporain, Paris, France 1981 Salon de Montrouge, France
1977 FIAC with Iris Clert gallery, Paris, France
1975 Cité Internationale des Arts, Paris, France

Selected works