Group Show

2-6 September 2022

The 3 Lees

Kiaf SEOUL 2022

For the new edition of the KIAF Seoul Art Fair, the Galerie Vazieux is pleased to announce that it is presenting a unique exhibition entitled: ‘The Three Lees, A Korean Saga’.

This exhibition is devoted to the legendary and committed artist couple Lee Ung-no (1904-1989) and Park In-kyung (b.1926), and their son, Young-sé Lee (b.1956), who is also an artist. This famous family immerses us in the post-war history of Korea and the revival of the pictorial tradition.

Presented artists:

In-kyung Park (b.1926)

Ungno Lee (1904-1989)

Young-sé Lee (b.1956)

Selected works