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Lan Zhenghui


Born in Sichuan in 1959, Lan Zheng-hui graduated from Sichuan Fine Arts Insitute in 1987. He participated/took part in the “85 Art Movement”, now he works and lives in Beijing. In 2003, he invented the terms “heavy ink” and “spray ink” to describe his creations, which contrast with the traditions of calligrpahy and line. He let his creativity express through the gigantic formats in which the traces of brush permeate the latitude and longitude of the paper. The contrast between blacks, whites and greys, the successive layers of materials, the speed of gestures render an unique dimension to his works in which the combinations of opposite forces offer energy and vitality.

Personal exhibitions

2013 – “Vigorous Splash-Stroke of Heavy Ink: Lan Zhenghui Solo Exhibition”, Sanshang Art, Hangzhou, China
2010 – “The Great Ink: My Road of Abstraction”, 789 Art Zone, Beijing, China
2009 – “Lan Zhenghui: Mighty Rain”, O House Gallery, Jakarta, Indonesia
2004 – “Lan Zhenghui Contemporary Ink Painting Special Exhibition”, 1000 Years Celebration of Jingdezhen, Jingdezhen, China
2004 – “Powerful Ink Painting Art by Zhenghui Lan”, Chinese Cultural Centre of Greater Toronto, Toronto, Canada
2003 – “Running Ink: Lan Zhenghui Solo Exhibition”, Guangdong Museum of Art, Guangzhou, China

Public exhibitions

– Rubell Family Collection, USA
– Consul General of British Consulate at Guangzhou
– Consul General of German Consulate at Guangzhou
– Guangdong Museum of Art, China
– Nation Museum of Chinese Art, Pékin, China
– Chinese Songzhuang painting ink League, China
– Florida Gulf Coast University, Florida, USA
– Chinese Cultural Centre Of Greater Toronto, Canada

Selected works