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Chiyu Uemae


Chiyu Uemae was born in Kyoto in 1920. He is one of the oldest members of the Gutai movement. Uemae has created his own universe as an abstract artist. The multi-layered and repetitive square motifs in his works remind us of those found in Kyoto temples. Deeply engraved in his mind during his childhood, the atmosphere of this city was a great source of inspiration.

His style indeed, has been affirmed by highlighting the traditional Japanese sense of beauty. The colours he uses, for example, are all traditional colours and when combined they remain in line with Japanese traditions. The charm of Uemae’s work lies both in the use of elaborate materials such as sawdust and in the accumulation of patterns often painted with a painting knife. In his sculptural works, Chiyu Uemae has managed to combine subtly, tradition and modernity.

Personal exhibitions

2019- Chiyu Uemae ,Whitestone Gallery, Tokyo ,Chuo-ku, Tokyo, Japan
2015- CHIYU UEMAE `A SOLITARY PATH`, Whitestone Gallery, Tokyo, Japan

Public exhibitions

– Osaka Contemporary Art Center, Osaka

– The Ashiya City Museum of Art & History, Hyogo, Japan

– Les Abattoirs, Toulouse, France

– The Rachofsky House, Dallas, USA

Selected works