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Chen Hsing-Wan


Born in 1951 in Taiwan, she is the daughter of the famous sculptor Chen Xia-Yu. She followed and learnt from Li Zhong-Sheng, the master and pioneer of abstract art. Her first stay in Paris which started from 1985 broadened her horizon. Her multiple artistic and cultural influences – Egyptian art, German Expressionism, the visit of the concentration camps, Expressionism and American Pop Art have nourished her art. Unconsciousness and chance are the most prominent components in her ink paintings, the “calligraphic” lines evoke certain Amercian abstract expressionist like Robert Motherwell. She excels in the use of this particular technique while not limited by it. Her large-scale installations and collages offer as much energy and sensibility.

Personal exhibitions

2005 – The Memorial Exhibition of Chen Hsing-wan, Taipei Fine Arts Museum, Taiwan
– Ke-Yuan Gallery, Chingshui, Taichung, Taiwan
2000 – Hanart Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan
1999 – Gedok Workshop, Lübeck, Germany
1997 – Taipei Fine Arts Museum, Taiwan
1994 – Tainan New Environment Art Space, Taiwan
1993 – Golden Brick Gallery, Taichung, Taiwan
1993 – L’Eau Métallique Gallery, Paris
1991 – Mashrabia Gallery, Cairo, Egypt
1990 – National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts, Taiwan
1989 – Contemporary Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan
1989 – Lungmen Art Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan
1984 – Gallery One, Taipei, Taiwan

Public exhibitions


2004 – Comparaison Salon, Espace Auteuil, Paris
2001 – “The Feminine Soul Represented”, Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts, Taiwan
1998 – “Images and Aesthetics – Taiwanese Female Artists”, Taipei Fine Arts Museum, Taiwan
1998 – “2-28 Commemorative Exhibition: Reflection and Reconsideration”, Taipei Fine Arts Museum, Taiwan
1998 – “Die Hfte des Himmels”, Frauen Museum, Boon, Germany
1997 – “Taipei ・Paris”, Centre Culturel de Taiwan, Paris
1995 – “Contemporary Art from Taiwan”, ROC, Sydney, Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney, Australia
1995 – “Brilliant Abstract Art, Lungmen Gallery”, Taipei, Taiwan
1994 – “Contemporary Ink Painting Exhibition”, ROC, Taiwan Provincial Art Museum, Taichung, Taiwan
1994 – “Information Exhibition”, Ystad and Calmar Musuem, Denmark
1992 – “International City of Arts”, Paris, France
1990 – “Three Artist Exhibition”, Basel, Switzerland
1998 – “Media・Environment・Installation”, Taiwan Museum of Art, Taichung, Taiwan
Selected works